Indispensable in our daily lives

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Oil and chemicals are indispensable in our society today. Raw materials and semi-finished products are processed into end products that we deal with continuously in everyday life: from medicines to paint and from computers to insulation materials. The sector is highly capital-intensive, technically complex, and generally has a prominent role during discussions of sustainability and the environment. In addition, it is a sector that mostly operates globally and therefore comes with strong, international dynamics for employees, suppliers and customers.

Technological breakthroughs

The chemical industry is the second largest industry in the Netherlands, only eclipsed by the Food & Beverage industry. New insights and knowledge, as well as market demand, lead to technological breakthroughs. At the same time, stricter laws and regulations, the need to create a more sustainable world, and reducing CO2 footprints make the national and international market more intricate. Anticipating future developments requires innovative and visionary leadership to involve the organisation and people for that change.

Combination of knowledge and leadership

We mediate key positions in this dynamic sector.

Are you looking for the right person for a vacant position in your company? Or are you looking for a challenging job in the Chemicals, Oil and Gas sector?

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