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The Netherlands has always held an important position in the field of global trade and logistics. International trade is part of our DNA and our political and diplomatic network makes us a reliable partner. With having one of the largest and technologically most advanced ports in the world, our excellent infrastructure, and technically high-quality service providers, we are an attractive trade partner for organisations and other countries.

Responding to trends

In a market where minimal - due to lean-and-mean - margins are the norm, adaptability is esential. It is imporatant as an organisation to continuously respond to developments such as globalisation, technological innovation, sustainability and connectivity. Consumers have high demands when it comes to reliability and speed of delivery, whereby digitisation presents not only huge opportunities but also challenges.

The world of tomorrow

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to search for management and executive-level positions. We look at what you do today and which team you need tomorrow.

Are you looking for the right person for a vacant position in your company? Or are you looking for a challenging position in the Trade & Logistics sector?

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