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Mediating candidates for management and executive positions is focused on achieving sustainable relationships. Attention to both client and candidate is the key to success.

By listening to current needs and combining them with longer-term expectations, Lodiers & Partners finds the right candidate who fits within the client's vision. The processes are transparent, open and honest. This is how we have been creating long term relationships for and with clients and candidates for many years.

We have been successful in bringing clients and candidates together for over a decade. Sincere involvement and decisive action are the basis of a suitable collaboration with the client and the realization of a sustainable connection between the client and the candidate.



Introduction & exploratory meeting

Every question is unique, which is why we like to invest in a good intake. During these conversations business activities, culture, organisational goals, and personnel issues are addressed. Preferably, all stakeholders are involved in specifying the ultimate demand and formulating the profile.



Discreet and honest recruitment

Once the job profile is ready, recruitment can begin. Lodiers & Partners approaches potential candidates in a discreet and honest manner. This is done through direct search, the company's own database, the network and social networks. Also, the position may be published on the Lodiers & Partners website and social networks.



Invitation of potential candidates

After an initial selection by phone, potential and/or interested candidates are invited to the office for an extensive interview. A personality test is part of this phase.



Selection procedure

Ultimately, a selection of at least three suitable candidates is made, which are presented to the client via a comprehensive interview report and resume. Following this, interviews will be scheduled for introductions between candidate and client. If desired, the interview rounds can be guided by Lodiers & Partners.



Referral check

A standard part of the process is for Lodiers & Partners to obtain referrals and check listed information on the resume, such as diplomas and relevant ancillary positions. Lodiers & Partners guides the process.



Onboarding process and evaluation

Upon successful completion of the procedure, the onboarding process begins. An initial evaluation will take place immediately upon completion of the procedure and then there will be a face-to-face meeting after the first, fourth and ninth months. This takes place with both the client and the candidate.

General Management

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CEO
  • General Director
  • BU-Manager
  • Site Director

Supervisor & Advice

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • Commissioner
  • Advisor
  • Family Officer

Technology & Innovation

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Director of Technology
  • R&D Director
  • Innovation Manager
  • Manager Engineering
  • Maintenance Manager

Supply Chain & Procurement

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • Supply Chain Director
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Director Procurement
  • Manager Procurement

Commerce & Marketing

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CCO
  • Commercial Director
  • Manager Sales
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Operations & Service

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • COO
  • Operational Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Manager QSHE
  • Manager Production
  • Service Manager


In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CFO
  • Financial Director
  • Finance Manager


In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CHRO
  • HR Director
  • HR Manager

Who came before you?

I would like an exploratory meeting and balanced guidance

We are happy to engage with you. Why? Because our passion is to bring people together for a lasting, professional relationship. Together with you as a client or candidate, we want to explore the boundaries.

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