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I would like an introduction

You are the heart of our approach. After all, it's all about your ambition and motivation. That determines your success. We mediate highly educated professionals within the industrial and technical sectors. We do this for executive and management level positions, both permanent and interim.

The basis is a personal conversation in which we zoom in on your personality, ambition and motivation. To prepare and thus support this interview, we will ask you to complete a personality questionnaire set up by Lumina Learning. We discuss the outcome in our interview and together we can get an even better picture of your preferred behavior and competencies. Furthermore we hone in on your motivations. Of course we discuss also the resume, but this mostly reflects your past and not necessarily your ambitions for the future. By gaining insight in your ambitions, we jointly create a clear personal profile for yourself as well as for our clients.



Introduction & exploratory meeting

Every request is unique and that is why we always invest in a solid intake procedure. With our clients we discuss the business activities, culture, organisational goals, and personnel aspects. We also prefer to get all stakeholders involved in specifying the ultimately request and in formulating the job profile. This is then compared with potential candidates.



Discreet and honest recruitment

Once the Job profile is ready, the search process can start. Lodiers & Partners approaches potential candidates discretely and with integrity. This is done through a direct search, our existing database and network, and social networks. The position can also be published on the Lodiers & Partners website.



Invitation of potential candidates.

After an initial selection process conducted by phone, potential and/or interested candidates are invited to our office for an extensive interview. A personality questionnaire can be part of the process.



Selection procedure

After the initial steps, we select at least three suitable candidates who are presented to the clients through a comprehensive interview report and CV. Subsequently, interviews will be scheduled to introduce the candidate and client. The interviews can be attended by Lodiers & Partners at request.



Onboarding process and evaluation

The onboarding stage starts upon the successful completion of the hiring process. An initial evaluation is carried out immediately after the procedure has been completed and further personal contact moments follow after one, four, and nine months. These meetings are attended by the client and the candidate.

Open applications

A first impression, getting to know each other. For us, that is the starting point of successful mediation. Because good contact and knowing what we expect from each other is the foundation. From there, we can shape your ambition. Honest and transparant but also sincere commitment are core values that we use.

On to a match

We consciously look for long lasting relationships and consider the possibilities based on an intake with a potential employer. Diligence is of great importance before we introduce you. We guide the process further, depending on the wishes of the client.

Supervisor & Advice

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • Commissioner
  • Advisor
  • Family Officer

Supply Chain & Procurement

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • Supply Chain Director
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Director Procurement
  • Manager Procurement

General Management

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CEO
  • General Director
  • BU-Manager
  • Site Director

Operations & Service

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • COO
  • Operational Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Manager QSHE
  • Manager Production
  • Service Manager

Commerce & Marketing

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CCO
  • Commercial Director
  • Manager Sales
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager


In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CHRO
  • HR Director
  • HR Manager


In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CFO
  • Financial Director
  • Finance Manager

Technology & Innovation

In this job group we mediate, among other things

  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Director of Technology
  • R&D Director
  • Innovation Manager
  • Manager Engineering
  • Maintenance Manager

Who came before you?

I would like an exploratory meeting and balanced guidance

By listening to current needs and combining them with longer-term expectations, competencies can be linked to the company's vision.

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