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In our opinion, mediating candidates is about realizing sustainable relationships. For Lodiers & Partners, people are the common thread. Attention to both client and candidate is the key. In such a way that for both of them applies: I want to be part of that.

By listening to today's needs and combining them with the expectations of tomorrow, Lodiers & Partners finds the candidate who fits right within the client's vision. The processes are transparent, open and honest. This is how Lodiers & Partners has been creating long lasting and sustainable relationships between clients and candidates for years.



Lodiers & Partners wants to establish sustainable relationships with its clients and act as a partner to fulfill positions at management and board level

Lodiers & Partners actively contributes in creating awareness about their role during the search process with both clients and candidates. Sincere commitment and decisive action are the foundation for creating a balanced collaboration with the client and realizing a sustainable commitment with a suitable candidate.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is of paramount importance to us!!

Based on this awareness, we have an annual New Year's action in which we choose a good cause and financially support it.

Would you like to know more about the charities we have supported over the years? Click on one of the logos for more information.


Robert Lodiers - Managing Partner lodiers@lodiersenpartners.nl
Margreet van Haasteren - Consultant vanhaasteren@lodiersenpartners.nl
Helen Schults - Manager Operations en Consultant schults@lodiersenpartners.nl
Melissa Koelewijn - Office Manager koelewijn@lodiersenpartners.nl
Karin Benning - Associate Partner benning@lodiersenpartners.nl
Maurice Oomens - Consultant oomens@lodiersenpartners.nl
Ivonne Kramer - Consultant kramer@lodiersenpartners.nl
Laura Podgorski - Consultant podgorski@lodiersenpartners.nl
Mirjam van Gerwen - Research Consultant / Office Manager vangerwen@lodiersenpartners.nl


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By listening to the current needs and combining them with the expectations of tomorrow, competencies can be linked to the vision of the company.

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