'The fast changing construction landscape calls for the right people in the right place'

Dura Vermeer Materieel

Maarten van Driel, Managing Director at Dura Vermeer Materieel - part of the construction and infrastructure group of the same name - sees how the world is rapidly changing.

"The Board and management are not here to mind the store. We continuously innovate to meet tomorrow's demands. This makes us rely on Lodiers & Partners for the more demanding positions. They deliver, are transparent, and are also not reluctant presenting a candidate we may not have considered ourselves but who shows to have the DNA that we are looking for".


With a portfolio that speaks for itself, Dura Vermeer has a leading position in the construction world. The company operates in various sectors including (non-)residential construction and infrastructure. The group comprises over twenty operating companies and Dura Vermeer Materieel contributes to the success of Dura Vermeer projects through smart equipment deployment. Maarten van Driel: "We handle all the logistical aspects for the machinery and equipment needed for our construction and infrastructure projects. Dura Vermeer is a developing builder and we are in charge of many projects. Construction has changed over the past decade. Infrastructure is short-cyclic whereas the construction sector often uses lean methodologies. Processes become smarter and more efficient. This, of course, has a major impact on our work.

In the past it was mostly about large batches which worked best for us in being optimally cost-efficient. These days, we look much more at the total cost. What is economical for us may actually increase the overall costs. Another element is how much you want to invest as a company or whether you outsource to a reliable partner. And how do you deal with the supply volatility? In the end, it is always about realising a balanced business case. In comparison to the old day, the industry is much more dynamic and result-oriented."


Guidance in the search for the right people

Approximately 150 colleagues at five locations handle all the logistics for the machinery and equipment required for Dura Vermeer's projects. Over the past few years, changes have also become noticeable at the office. And although Maarten van Driel always worked in logistics, the construction sector is new to him.

"It is actually challenging to apply logistics knowledge to this process. The changes are mainly reflected in the procedures and processes we use as a company. Our common goal is that a project will be carried out more efficiently, more cheaply and more sustainably. That calls for people who think differently. When looking for the right people, we work with Lodiers & Partners. We are primarily internally focused and concerned with operations. For this reason alone, the support of a right partner is of great importance.

They look beyond, keep their agreements and are transparent in what they do. It is also nice that you start very broadly in order to eventually arrive at a good profile. They are able to listen and make sure you have the intended candidate in mind. It still amazes me that a resume that we would reject is actually picked out by Lodiers & Partners, like a wildcard. It then turns out to be the ultimate candidate. That is surprising and underscores the importance of the close partnership we have built together."

Change visualised

Financially, 2020 was the best year in Dura Vermeer's 165-year history. "That's no surprise given the current market. There is plenty of choice when it comes to projects. In addition, we consistently execute our multi-year strategy and, as Dura Vermeer, we make choices. For example, sustainability and digitisation have become an important part of our vision for construction and infrastructure. We want to operate in the leading group. As Dura Vermeer Materieel, we are investing in these topics and, for example, are working on hydrogen and electric vehicles. Clients feel the same need. Using emission-neutral vehicles puts you ahead of the game. Rijkswaterstaat even requests this in its tenders. Such aspects are, as of yet, not as important in the construction sector although the nitrogen crisis does expedite them. We look at the entire chain, so that can also mean we source locally to reduce pollutant emissions."



Dura Vermeer is an independent family-owned company with activities in the fields of residential construction, non-residential construction and infrastructure. With a turn over of €1.4 billion and more than 2800 employees, Dura Vermeer is among the top ten companies in the Dutch construction industry. Continuity is the main driver. As a family-owned company, Dura Vermeer focuses on creating long-term value and sustainable relationships with its customers, employees and partners. Core values are safety, quality and reliability - with safety definitely ranking number one.

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